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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

Meet Peggy


Peggy Seymour,“A Natural Chef”, moved to The Villages from New Hampshire in 2009; ultimately the Florida winter’s won!  Her eclectic past combines teaching and an entrepreneurial spirit.  With a life-long interest in cooking, Peggy is a self-taught chef who combined her experiences to become a personal chef and therapeutic cook.  Among, other things, Peggy’s life-style is gluten and sugar free.  Peggy now lives out her passion for clean healthy eating and cooking by sharing her culinary adventures with others.

I adore cooking for you

and your family, wether it's for 4 of you at a picnic

or 150 at a family celebration!

PS Cuisine Services offers these services -
  • Personal Chef
  • Therapeutic Cook
  • Options for Vegans
  • Specialty Baking
       (traditional and
        gluten free)
  • Event Planning
  • Cooking Classes
  • Take Home Meals


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