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About Peggy



Traditional or Gluten free cooking

Sugar free cooking

Therapeutic Cooking

Options for Vegans or Vegetarians

Healthy cooking / meal planning

Event Planning

Specialty Baking - both traditional and gluten free

Peggy Seymour,“A Natural Chef”, moved to The Villages from New Hampshire in 2009; ultimately the Florida winter’s won!  Her eclectic past combines teaching and an entrepreneurial spirit.  With a life-long interest in cooking, Peggy is a self-taught chef and combined her experiences to become a personal chef and therapeutic cook.  Among, other things, Peggy’s life-style is gluten and sugar free.  Peggy now lives out her passion for clean and healthy eating and cooking by sharing her culinary adventures with others.

Personal Chef and

Therapeutic Cook


About six years ago I got really sick (was very overweight) and no one could figure out what was causing my illness.  They ran all sorts of tests and nothing seemed to be wrong, but still I was not getting any better.  Luckily, I met and have been working with a wonderful nutritionist who was able to identify the cause as food issues, gluten intolerance and leaky gut among other things.  Gradually, by eating correctly I got better and better.  I found that traditional eating and cooking methods did not work for me and the only way that I could eat was to cook for myself.  I had always been the sous chef in my large family, but I had to develop methods of cooking and recipes that worked for me.  I became more and more involved with cooking for myself and others who were in similar situations.  I am a self-taught chef, and as my craft grew so did my passion for clean and healthy eating.  The up-side to all of this is that I get to do what I love, cooking, on a daily basis and I have lost 130 pounds. 


I cook traditionally or can easily  change traditional recipes and offer gluten free or sugar free options.  I can help if you are on Weight Watchers, are a vegan or have a diagnosis such as diabetes or a thyroid disorder. 


Call and we can discuss what will work for you!


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