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Personal Chef and Therapeutic Cook

“She who lives it knows it!”

Although gluten and sugar free is the way I live and cook; I also cook traditionally.  A love of the culinary arts and wanting to help others obtain healing and a sense of well-being via a therapeutic approach to cooking is a pillar of my professional mission.    

For Personal Chef Events or Eating Plans, I can easily cook traditionally or adapt recipes to suit your therapeutic needs.  From Weight Watchers to a thyroid condition, your culinary needs and personal preferences will be taken into consideration.   We can work together to design a dinner party or an appetizing eating plan that works for you.

Personal Chef Event:

N/C - Initial consultation

Thereafter: $40.00/hour.

Supplies provided by host or purchased on a cost plus 25% basis.

Eating Plan prices vary depending on the size and number of meals, frequency and options chosen.  Please contact me directly to discuss a plan to suit your needs.


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